Featured Bloggers for October 16 2019

Joshi Daniel

A photographer based in India with a long list of accreditations and rewards behind the person. One can not post a single photo of Joshi Daniel’s work without express permission.

I look at all these photographs and I see material lack. Financial hardship. I don’t know maybe it’s because my purse had been stolen earlier in the day. It was an experience that was a vivid reminder that I still have much healing to do from my prideful fall.

But then I also saw much spiritual blessings in these photos. These are happy people. By the way, my purse was returned later in the evening. Part of me wants that happiness and another part is just so used to the familiarity of the misery that I ask myself why bother? Yet the truest blessing one can receive is a happy soul when there’s nothing else left.

I’m drawn to the photograph of the boy bathing the elephant. The one titled: “Mahout bathing an elephant in the Elephant Rehabilitation Centre at Kottur, TrivandrumKeralaIndia. Shot on GoPro.”

As the old cliche goes “an elephant never forgets” but I’d sure like to wash away all the painful memories of the people that made promises to me and never kept those promises. I pride myself as a person who keeps her promises. Especially promises I’ve made to myself. I sometimes regret those promises.

Forgive me, I know this is inappropriate to share my personal story in the midst of reviewing other bloggers but I’m gonna do it anyway.

I was abandoned at birth. I lived a life of isolation and rejection. I was raped several times. I had thought love equaled sex. I would always enter into a relationship with the expectation that it would result in marriage only to have each man turn away from me and reject me. Even the two men that did marry me, ended up rejecting me. Why? It was because I am always going on and on about the man in my dreams.

One day I met him in reality. He’s the man I had an affair with. He spent years proving to me that he was that man I dreamed about. Even yesterday, when I thought I was not dreaming of him….he had to show me that I was indeed dreaming of him.

He is an enigma. Why did he spend so many years proving to me that he is the man I dream about if in the end he too would reject me and refuse to marry me? He won’t even be my friend anymore but that I can understand. He has an extremely crazy jealous wife. She doesnt let him have any friends except herself and he chooses to stay married to her.

Why he lost his sanity and made me fall in love with him and take me to bed is beyond my understanding. I blamed the devil and my foolish pride in telling the devil that he couldn’t find a man to tempt me. Not realizing the man was under my nose the entire time.

He tells me to fuck off. He tells me he’s happy now, but I never ever see him face to face smiling. Wouldn’t a man who is happy with his life be smiling?

It doesn’t really matter how mean or obnoxious he is to me, I made promises to myself that if he didn’t want to marry me that I would remain single till he died.

My natal chart said I would thrive best and succeed in life if nurtured and cared for by a man. He had felt like home and now I feel quite homeless.

Speaking of home. Our next featured blogger is Cosmina, she writes for Irevuo. (Click here for details on how you can become a contributor)

To my knowledge Cosmina does not have her own blogpage and writes exclusively for Irevuo. If I’m mistaken please correct me in the comments below and welcome to my blogsite Cosmina.

The title of her recent blogposts is:

What Makes The Difference Between a House and a Home?”

Posted on September 27, 2019 by Cosmina

Here’s an excerpt from the post:

“What do I like? What do I need? What makes me smile?” Knowing the answers to these questions makes the difference between a “house” and a “home.”

Well in answer to that question:

I’ve been cursed with a natal chart that says a man makes my house a home (and my spirit aligns with this, I like this and this is what I need) but cursed with dreams about a man that I can never have. Rendering the chances of any other man becoming home nearly impossible. Who would want me besides Jesus, knowing my past and knowing my curse? Even if there are other men who want me, they, like all the others from my past, have to compete with the ghost of the memories and current dreams of the man I had an affair with. The one man I thought could break the curse ran away from me, and even in my dreams, he ended up bringing me right back to the man I had an affair with, proving my point… I’m cursed by the Cosmos.

Do I feel like I live on the outside looking in? Do I feel like I live on the edge of humanity?

(Hi to: Edge of Humanity Magazine)

Some would say, then why don’t you just make Jesus your home then you will be happy. It’s weird you know, before my fall from Grace I lived in an abusive marriage and I cried a lot but I still found moments of happiness with God. I walked close to God back then. But after my fall from Grace it’s been a difficult road to restore that close relationship. Even though I was abused, I had security in having a husband. Even Adam who had the closest relationship a man could possibly have with God…still needed a mate. God said it’s not good for man to be alone.


The painting below reminds me of Adams Ribcage:


Lucid Being 🌜-Ash

Well Adam was formed of the dust, of the ashes.

Lucid Being’s website is uniquely designed with over 5000 pieces to select from, just type a word in the search bar at the top of the page and be conected to a sight and sound euphoria. Sometimes when you click on an image you are linked to a sound byte and sometimes you are linked to a written article, at other times what you see is what you get. Like opening a present everyday.

I’m sure Adam thought Eve was a delightful present.

Anonymous Source

It’s 5:00, You’re Prime Rib Dinner is ready!

Source: http://www.dreamstime.com

Published by wildindigoprisms

Welcome to Wildindigoprisms blog page. This page is all about freedom of expression. Freedom to be the real me and the real you (anonymously, of course 😉) faults and all. Here you will find contests, word play games, a bit of news, a bit of religion, my rem sleep dreams (my blogging obsession is about the dreams I have in my sleep.), opportunities to showcase your own talent on my page (think free advertising) a bit of naughtiness (but you’ll have to pay for it) You’ll also find a place where you can post comments freely, like vote and share stuff. Can’t guarantee a reply if you’re comment offends me but if I’m giving myself the freedom of expression then I must also give my readers that same uncensored freedom. (The beauty of Gatorhosting) so look around see if there’s anything that sparks your interest. Cum again 😉

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