Featured Bloggers for Tuesday October 15, 2019

Today I’d like to introduce several photography bloggers and one Science blogger.

Lluís Bussé

This photographer’s work in the monochrome experience particularly resonates with my soul this morning because of the dream I had last night. The technique of using monochrome (a painting, drawing, or photograph in a single hue) has caused several of the objects he’s photographed to appear as though they are made of glass.

Photo by: Lluis Bussehttps://lluisbusse.wordpress.com/

In my dream last night I was presented with a shelf of tall drinking glasses. The man who created and designed these glasses was proud of his work and said to me: “Choose any set and pattern you like, it is my gift to you.” There were several patterns to choose from.


Three sets of floral designs in shades of yellow, blue and purple and one set in clear plain glass. The quality of his work was so stunning that I could not choose a single pattern. All so lovely and so it is also with the workmanship of the photographer Lluís Bussé .

There is one slight drawback with the website, most of it is written in Spanish with no link to Google Translate to convert it to one’s native language.

People often say that with photographs and other visual images one does not need words to communicate. I beg to differ. I have an overanalytical mind and might misinterpret what the person was trying to convey. Remember even though the saying goes: “a picture is worth a thousand words”, you may have only meant to communicate a (monochrome) single phrase or single word such as “Beauty.” Or “This is Beautiful.”

Next up we have Josephine Unglaub with the blogpage: lemanshots

Source: https://lemanshots.wordpress.com/

Josephine Unglaub, specializes in digital art and like my dream has so much too choose from. I dream in color and I often long for illustrations of my dreams but when I search the internet for the images I saw in my dreams, I can not find a photo that conveys exactly what I want to portray. Josephine has the skills to turn any dream into a vivid showcase, a digital masterpiece.

I chose her photo: “Upside Down in Berlin” because the drinking glasses in my dream were all upside down.

The Alchemist’s Studio

This is a pottery and art business located in Canada (Nova Scotia)

Even though the drinking glasses in my dream were made of glass and not of pottery, this Artist has touched my soul with their page:


Here is an excerpt from the page:

” ‘A Vase of Healing’ is participatory art project for those experiencing grief or pain. My concept for this piece is to allow the process of raku and the flames of the reduction process to act as a healing tonic for your grief and pain, for mine, and for all who to choose to participate in this process collectively. The end result – transforming pain and grief into an object of beauty.” (Click link for more details)

This session is almost over with the finishing pieces to be completed on November 1st. I hope that the Alchemist’s Studio continues to offer these sessions far into the future and that many more people learn about this unique opportunity to actively participate in the healing process.

My dream last night confirms that I would choose the tall vase (tall drinking glasses) because it takes courage to step out in faith to reach for healing and stand tall in the face of trials, pain and grief.

And now for Science Simplified with:


I know it seems out of place to feature a Science Blogger amidst the Artists and Photographers but after all, Creation itself is Art.

What I love about this website is their page that offers bloggers the opportunity to be page contributors.

The articles must be Science related with proper citations and authorative research.

I love to do research but under my present circumstances have very little time to invest in such endeavors. However two of my friends are scientists, so I’ll pass the word onto them and see if they’d like to contribute. Spread the word all things science related. Videos, blogs, photos….

The website is very organized.


“A scientist’s mind is like the Universe, it’s well ordered. “


Moving on to the interpretation of the dream:

The beauty of a relationship with our Creator is HIS gift of our free will. I have the free will of how I choose to present myself, my work and my thoughts. It would appear based on the request to choose a set and pattern of glasses in the dream that I have found my niche as a blogger in the area of reviewing other bloggers websites. This was not my original intent when I set out on this adventure.

However I recognize that if I want to succeed as a blogger, I would have to stick to this set pattern, forsaking all my other writings or move them elsewhere. It’s a tough choice to make. I’ll be frankly honest with you, I am notorious for sabotaging my own work.

That being said, I’m banking on the fact that other smart bloggers know that the more pingbacks to their pages, no matter where the source (even a second rate blog page) the higher their ranking in the Google Search Engines. I support you. Will you also support me? Please follow my page and thanks for reading.

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